Ardino Therapeutic Massage

Relax or detoxify with a therapeutic massage; recuperate from physical training or release tension after long working hours, our Retreat offers a relaxing space for you to choose your style of massage.

Available  only  Thursday 4pm – 9pm & Saturdays 10am- 2pm

Our Therapies

Swedish Massage   60min  $85

The Swedish massage is a smooth and flowing massage that improves circulation and stretches the ligaments and tendons keeping them supple and young. This massage relaxes the body and works well in reducing stress – both emotional and physical.

Detox – Lymphatic Drainage  60min $85

This gentle therapy flushes out the toxins, relaxes tension of the nervous system as well as aiding the immune system and improving digestion; it is effective in treating conditions such as fluid retention and returning infections.

Remedial Massage  60min $85

Remedial techniques are used to address muscular problems and aches and pains throughout the body caused by tension, stress, chronic fatigue and bad posture mainly reflected on neck, shoulders, back and hips.


Deep Tissue Massage  60mins $95

The use of deep tissue massage techniques increases muscle flexibility, eliminates fatigue, relieves swelling and reduces chronic muscle tension.

Sports Massage 60min $85

The sport massage uses specific skills and works on ligaments, muscles and tendons and includes stretches that benefit the whole body. Sports massage is both preventative and therapeutic and can aid in the prevention of injuries. Sports massage helps to improve flexibility, range of motion, performance speeds recovery and aid in mental clarity.

Pregnancy Massage  60min $85

For pregnant women and new mums this massage directs special attention to areas such as the lower back, legs and feet, which all can suffer during pregnancy. The Pregnancy Massage also relieves tension, fatigue, fluid retention, digestive problems, anxiety, stress and gives the satisfaction of being spoiled in this sensitive state.

Reflexology 45min $60 or add-on 30min $30*

This technique uses the pressure and trigger points in the feet and hands that align with the rest of the body. Lay back and relax as we use essential oils, hot stones and warm towels.

*with any 60min Massage

Aromatherapy Oils available $10 extra



Stress relief



All therapies have a standard price, except Deep Tissue and Reflexology

Available Monday 9am – 6pm   Thursday 4pm – 9pm  Saturdays 10am- 2pm

30 Mins $50
45 Mins $65
60 Mins $85
60 Mins plus consultation $90*
90 Mins $125
90 Mins plus consultation $130*

* 15 mins consultation is provided on your first therapy in order to assess your personal needs and define the best treatment to follow.

Mini Massages during your Ardino appointment

While your hair colour is processing why not book in for mini seated massages to further enhance your Ardino Experience.



Health Fund Rebates

You are able to claim your massage on your Private Health Funds.

Gift Vouchers

Elegant gift vouchers are available at the reception of Ardino Hair and Beauty.

Opening Hours

For your convenience, the Ardino Massage Studio is open all weekend and in the evening:

Monday 9:00am – 6pm

Thursday 4:00pm to 9pm

Saturday 9:30am – 6pm


Ardino Massage Studio is located at the top level of Ardino Hair and Beauty, 40 Oxford Street, corner West St. Paddington, sydney . (Opposite Verona Cinema)

2 hours free parking are available in front of Victoria Barracks, just 100 metres from the Ardino Hair Salon.


All appointments are done at the reception of Ardino Hair Salon, by calling 02 9331 3220 or email


Sandra Aida Velasquez, holds the following qualifications:
Diploma of Remedial Massage
Bachelor of Pharmacy
Health Quality Manager
Registered with all health funds