45mins $125

Lactic peel, a high performance facial packed full of peptides for a mulit-tasking peel that wont only renew the skin, it’ll keep the skin plump and hydrated. To treat problematic concerns 2 layers of lactic peptide peel can be applied to target certain areas to encourage optimum results. Recommended for all skin types, from rosacea to pigmentation and acne.

Add a boost of Retinol for an extra anti-oxidant infusion.

Power WOW Peel 

30mins $95

Customised power peels are tailored to your skins needs all within the time it takes for a lunch-break. Discuss with your skin Specialist to choose from the array of peels, enzymes, retinols, vitamin C’s and peptides.

To renew, revitalise, hydrate, plump or decongest your skin.

Dual Radiance

60mins $149

Brightening anti-ageing double action with lactic acid & enzyme an excellent depigmentation agent and peptides to promote collagen. Bromelain (enzyme) is a super potent anti-inflammatory that helps to reduce and calm redness combined with the extraordinary benefits of marine minerals to repair the epidermal and dermal layers.

Radiance Facial

45mins, $125

An exceptionally pleasant fruit enzyme peel that gently provides skin with exfoliation-with pineapple and papaya. Additionally, the extraordinary benefits of high concentrations of marine minerals to super hydrate and impart a velvety texture along with antioxidants for firming and soothing benefits.

Great for all skin types especially  Sensitive, Dehydrated, Mature and Photo-damaged skins.  

SKN Luminosity

45mins, $125

Encourage Vitality with pumpkin, salicylic and bentonite clay to gently exfoliate the skin to promote clarity, boost cell regeneration to help clear breakout. Allowing the bentonite clay with antibacterial properties to help detoxify, reduce redness and heal the skin.

Recommended for all skin types in need of a deep cleanse and exfoliation.

Ardino Signature Lux Facial & Massage

90mins $185

The ultimate pampering facial including a back, neck and shoulder massage. Let your skin specialist design you facial to treat any skin concern or just to drift off into relaxation.

Ideal for everyone as a perfect gift or some much need TLC.

Mens Facial

45min $125

Tailored to what your skin needs, our therapists will determine the best treatment facial for you! An array for treatments differing from deep exfoliation with peels, hydration with antioxidants or a healing vitalising pumpkin mask. 


Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 7.54.32 amHealthy Radiant skin requires a simple regimen that is non-aggressive yet progressive in its approach. SKN is formulated with a combination of medical grade ingredients to deliver optimum results. Most of the product range will make your skin go through a period of acclimation where the skin needs to adjust to produce visible beneficial changes.

* To achieve optimum results, professional prescribed courses can be recommended by your skin Specialist.


Ardino beauty utilise the most superior hot & strip wax to ensure perfectly smooth results. You’ll be in and out in no time at all with our experienced speed waxers.


Eyebrow                       $25

Lip/Chin/Sides              $18

Under Arm                   $25

½ arm                          $30

Full arm                       $45

Bikini                           $35

G-string                      $45

Brazilian                      $65


½ leg                           $40

3/4 leg                        $50

Full leg                        $60


Eyebrow + lip                                  $40

Lip + chin                                        $25

Eyebrow +lip/chin + Under arm      $60

1/2 leg + bikini                                $70

Full leg + bikini                               $90

½ leg + Brazilian                            $95

Full leg + Brazilian                         $115


Ears/Nostril         $15

1/2 Arm            $35

Full Arm            $50

1/2 leg              $45

Full leg              $65

Chest                $60

Back                  $60


Lash tint                                   $25

Brow tint                                   $18

Lash + Brow                             $40

Lash + Brow + Eyebrow wax     $60

Body Treatments

Relaxation Massage 1hr – $99


Eyelash tint 15min – $29
Eyebrow tint 15min – $19
Eyes three ways (eyebrow wax,eyebrow tint and eyelash tint) 30min – $60

Pre-paid Facial Packages

Buy 5, get1 free (pre-paid course only)

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Cancellation policy

To secure bookings over 1hr we require a deposit. Credit cards, cash and gift voucher numbers are accepted. 24hrs notice is required to change or cancel an appointment. We have a 100% cancellation policy for a “no show” and all retreat guests receive a reminder sms 24hrs prior to treatment.

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