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Hair and scalp care with a medical component!

La Biosthétique combats the signs of time with a holistic, cell biology based anti-aging concept.


Today, beautiful, shiny hair is a sign of someone who takes care of themselves and pays attention to beauty and body care. Who doesn’t dream today of amazing, full and shiny hair even when they’re old? To ensure this isn’t just a dream, the La Biosthétique researchers have developed an important formulation. Thérapie Anti-Chute Plus, the cell-active hair treatment to combat hair loss, activates the reformation of stem cells of the hair follicle, extensively protects them and halts aging processes on all levels. Hair ¬loss*1 is effectively combated, hair quality and hair density are significantly improved.

The ampoule concentrate contains a combination of cell-active active ingredients:

- A polyphenol*2 from larch wood reactivates the formation of young stem cells, which are essential for the regeneration of the hair papilla and the new start of the active growth phase.

- La Biosthétique Complexe Régénérant inhibits the formation of dihydrotestosterone, a trigger of androgenic hair loss

— A microencapsulated phyto cell extract that protects and activates the skin’s own rejuvenating parent cells.

— Plant extracts that reduce the hardening of the tissue due to surplus deposition of sugars.

— A biologically highly active peptide combined with biotin to improve

the energy of the cells combats premature cell death.

— Vitamins, minerals and plant active ingredients ensure optimum

nourishment of the hair roots and activate their cell metabolism.


The clinically proven results:

After a two-month application, hair growth has increased by 121 percent and hair loss*1 has decreased by more than 33 percent.

Alone the clinical study on larch wood extract resulted in 9 percent new hairs and 17 percent less hair loss after three months of daily treatment. Specifically, this amounts to an increase in hair density by up to 28,000 hairs.

The results are convincing – hair that is full of body and full of life for all ages. Thanks to consistent and innovative La Biosthétique hair care with a medical component, so much is possible.



Thérapie Anti-Chute Plus ampules

  • Ideally, you should treat the scalp daily with Thérapie Anti-Chute (preferably over a period of three to four months).


    As a subsequent treatment: 1-2 ampoules of Therapie Anti-Chute Plus per week combined with Elixir Anti-Chute

    Application for prophylaxis and age-related weakening hair growth: If there is a recognisable family tendency to hair loss, we recommend an ongoing preventative treatment with 1-2 ampoules a week. Ideally also in combination with Elixir Anti-Chute. The same goes for age-related weakened hair.


    Before applying a Thérapie Anti-Chute ampoule, cleanse hair and scalp with a Dermosthétique shampoo or another La Biosthétique shampoo that is customised to the scalp. Apply ampoule along the parting of the scalp and before blow-drying lightly massage in with the fingertips or leave in for 20 minutes.

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