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New power hair treatment for blondes

Blonde without breakage? Is this even possible? As a blonde it's a struggle to maintain the health of our hair because the actual process of bleaching deconstructs the hairs natural colour & breaks the keratin stucture. We want our blonde fresh and our ends to remain in tact! We want to leave the salon looking like our favourite blonde bombshell & maintain this look at home. I guess you could say when it comes to being blonde we want it all! But can we actually have it all?

The answer is Yes! Thanks to La Biosthetique's new PCC Treatment we can now have the balayage without the breakage. The revolutionary active ingredient complex protects, restructures and conditions the hair both inside and outside during and after chemical treatments. The hair structure is lastingly renewed, the hair is conditioned and sealed and regains its natural beauty. Treatments available in salon & to take home.

Maria says "We are loving this revolutionary treatment! It compares to OLAPLEX but the difference is, it actually lasts in the hair, whereas the competitor breaks down after a while.

We have been using it in the salon mixed into the bleach and then as an essential after blonde highlights treatment. The cost is $60 plus more for longer hair. Each client has there own unique colour formula and we always revisit and tweek the formulas at each visit. Blondes are the highest maintenance and we are really big on ensuring the condition of the hair is the priority.

Current trends are Blonde Balayage with smokey violet base and pastel ends.

We are also doing a lot of micro foiling which is a lot of packed in fine weaves on a full head which grows out easily! The PCC Treatment is amazing in conjunction with both of these current trends."

Calling all blondes! If you have long blonde hair and would like to become one of our hair models please send a photo of yourself along with your details to We are looking for young blonde babes to showcase on trend blonde looks so get in touch for a blonde makeover in salon. Wednesday availability is essential.

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