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Why Bhave keratin smoothing is so amazing!

If your on the fence about Keratin smoothing take it from a frequent user....... it's amazing!

It's free from parabens, sulphates and sodium chloride and Australian owned and made.

We have used it at Ardino Salon for 6 years and after using, testing and trying other brands over this period we can guarantee it is by far the best. The results are always predictable and consistent. It works really well on most hair types with the exception of bleached hair. We would not recommend for bleached hair. We have many examples of clients who claim that it has changed their lives.

Here's a real customer story:

One of our clients used to have to spend 45 minutes blow drying her hair because it was just so thick and frizzy. She used to have to plan her life around when she would have time to wash and blow dry. Also having to combat the days that she couldn't wash and blow dry her and she would have to put up with greasy roots and frizzy dry ends. On those days she would avoid all client meetings and any social events.

During one of our appointments, I spoke to her about Keratin and she told me she had heard it about it but was sceptical as she had heard a lot of negative stories. After a lengthy conversation where I called on her to trust my knowledge and give it a try.

Here's the timing we used:

1. We booked it in before her colour so she had a 6 week regrowth. We recommend to do it this way because it does strip out any permanent colour and will lighten your hair. In fact its perfect if you are considering lightening your hair.

2. We then booked in her fresh colour a week after the treatment.

Here's how we do Keratin Smoothing at Ardino Salon:

The treatment itself took 2 and a half hours. During this time she relaxed in the salon, worked on her laptop and enjoyed lunch and coffee from the cafe whilst she waited for the Keratin to process.

Once the treatment was finished she left the salon with perfectly straightened hair and was absolutely thrilled with the results. The first time she washed it at home herself she was overjoyed with how easy it was to simply blow dry with her fingers or simply apply a little anti frizz serum and leave it to dry.

No more bad hair more avoiding meetings or social events.

And that is why Bhave Keratin Smoothing is just so amazing! Call us on 0433 227 013 for our special Keratin Smoothing Offer & Save $100.

*conditions apply

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