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Are you thinning, flat or super dry?

Each day in the salon, I listen to what my clients have to say.

Firstly we share stories and updates of our lives, I hear all about their holidays and how stressed they are with their work related troubles and then we get down to the business of hair. This is where I hear all of the hair complaints and over time I've discovered that the 3 biggest complaints are:

1." My hair is thinning! "

2. "My hair is so flat"

3. "My hair is super dry"

I hear this from both women and men. After analysing this problem for many years it's easy for me to diagnose the variety of issues that my clients have.

I believe there is a solution to every problem and I love finding the right combination of products that have been created to help my clients combat these hair issues. I teach that the hair and scalp are two different areas . I like to treat the scalp first then the hair second.

Generally hair health and in particular hair loss, is related to nutrition, thyroid and/or hormone production. If I feel its more an internal issue, I send them to a doctor for blood tests and investigate further as thinning hair is a symptom. Quite often hairdressers, who are reviewing your hair every 4 - 6 weeks are the first people to identify a medical issue before you even know you have one.

1. Thinning Hair - We are so happy to be able to offer a solution to our clients who are experiencing hair loss. Thérapie Anti-Chute Plus and Elixir Anti-Chute contain new and proven ingredients to maintain healthy hair, ensure less hair loss and stimulate new growth. Say goodbye to loose hair strands on the pillow. After about three months of daily application, the result is clearly measurable: 9 percent increase in new hairs and a 17 percent decrease in hair loss. So less hair loss and more hair density.

2. Flat Hair - For our clients experiencing flat & lifeless hair the ampoule treatment Ergines Plus Vital contains a healthy dose of vital substances – practically everything that makes the hair healthy, full and bouncy. It supplies the hair roots with healthy and rich nutrients, rapidly restores the hair quality and creates the prerequisites for healthy hair growth. The hair’s wonderful stylability is restored and it noticeably gains stability and lively bounce. Ergines Plus Vital is a fitness cocktail that restores health and energy to tired hair.

3. Super dry hair - Annoying tangles are lastingly prevented and finally combs can gently glide through hair without any resistance. Detangling Spa Fluid Ampoule is a powerful portion of active ingredients. A highly effective silk hydrolysate surrounds the aged lengths and tips and instantly and noticeably improves their structure.The hair is left wonderfully smooth and shiny.

Busy professionals and time poor clients may prefer an at home treatment. For beautiful, full, shiny hair, with clinically proven results in 2 months you can purchase Thérapie Anti-Chute Plus in our online store here

For more information on which Ampoule Treatment is right for your hair call us on 0433 227 013.

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