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My secrect observation of ageing


Over 20years I have had the privilege of observing clients skin. I noticed that genetics plays a big part of how clients skin aged . I became fascinated by what we could do to combat the effects of ageing. 

 I learnt that your skin reveals everything about your stress levels, your nutrition intake, your hormones, lifestyle , the amount of exercise your getting and of course sun damage.  I have literally observed the effects on different skin types. 

I want to share 1 secret to great skin!

Priori have created a skin care range that is layered with benefits - AHA’s lactic acid’s, retinol, vitamins and antioxidants. If you have dull, congested, winter skin... the NEW 30 min SKIN REBOOT TREATMENT  will exfoliate, restore & repair damage to your skins DNA. See the best results from a series of 6 treatments.