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Should I go lighter?

Should I go lighter? 

If you are thinking of going lighter, we need to consider a few key issues. We get asked daily “Can I go lighter?” and “I want to be platinum!” Or my favourite “Can you make it brighter?” Most clients want the insta look however firstly, we need to ask a few questions and investigate. 

 HAIR  by Chad @ardinosalon using 2 types of bleach levels on her base 7 for this Cool Blended Blonde.

Even though you see Instagram and Pinterest images of blondes, it’s important that we take a look at what previously been done to the hair. We need to investigate how we can go lighter -

We consider

a) What is your natural base?

b) What is the history of your hair and what products bleach  brands have been used? 

c) Are you able to maintain the colour?

Once we work out whether we can go lighter we, we work out a plan & mix up the right colours. We love using high lift tints and different strength bleach.

We are a premium salon that only use quality La biosthetique or Redken  Bleach /colour products. You can trust that your hair remains in good condition. We see a lot of clients with super dry over bleached ends, these need special attention so as not to damage the hair. 

We also try to combat purple shampoo and conditioner “overuse”. You can see the long-term effects from the purple blue conditioners used at home. 

Can I go blonder without looking dry or yellow?

Yes, with great technical skill and home care. But if you are on a Level 6 Dark Blonde and below Brown, there needs to be warm golden tones. Clean platinum blondes are only realistic on lighter 8 bases. We will use three different colours in all your different hair zones to achieve multitones in the hair.

  HAIR by Chad  Darker base 5-6 Lightening with warmer golden tones, we LOVE this look! 

With summer fast approaching, it’s time to fix over-bleached patchy highlights. I often correct the results of hair that’s been over bleached or over toned. Your first hair service is Colour Correction, which simply means more time to get the colour right! The hair needs to be restored to multi depth tones. You would have Highlights with foils. We use two different strengths of bleach and one highlight natural colour. Each foil needs to be carefully assessed and then the right bleach applied! Each section is corrected as you foil. 

Hair colour correction is a science, and it takes time! You will need at least two highlight correction treatments to see the new blonde coming through. 

PCC BONDER AND OLAPLEX are designed to transform your hair by using it with each bleaching treatment. It is  necessary if you are lightening over existing bleach. We always TREAT the hair with during and after Hair lightening services. 

Going lighter takes dedication and the right "Follow up" & " Home Care Products." Im into simplicity of home care , I will always recommend the right products to ensure your blonde grows out beautifully. I love and recommend Pureology Strength Cure Shampoo and Conditioner and La biosthetique Glam Colour Crystal Treatment. 

Bookings for Highlights and Balayage foils take time up to 4hours...  so sit back, relax and enjoy the process! Time is precious  but worth the investment.

If you want to know more about this topic contact me  Maria Ardino, Salon Director 

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