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Copper hair colour la biosthetique proffessional hair colour

Have you ever felt lost with your hair colour? Do you feel like your hair is not really working for you? The first thing you do is google images or pinterest some hair colours … Finding your alter ego is the first step, then you need to see a professional hairdresser to get the look! Your relationship with your hairdresser is crucial. You need to be able to trust their skills as a professional, allowing them to guide you in the right direction.

I see the hair as needing to go on the journey of your life. It adds colour and makes us feel good. We want to guide you into knowing what to ask for. Do I want full head foils, balayage, face framing or should I go lighter? Now we have foilayage, micro foiling, colour remover, back to back slices… the list goes on.

We are always striving to update the latest in new techniques and we work with the best professional colour hair brands including la biosthetique and Redken, which enables us to achieve the looks you want without damaging your hair.

Knowing the right terminology and services is crucial. This will come in handy during your consultation. A good hairdresser listens to what you want - your desired result. We assess what you have existing in your hair currently. We recommend the right way forward.

We listen and then we will guide and direct you into the new look!

1. What suits your skin colour, face shape and stage in your life.

2. What your hair needs to get the look and recommend the right services

3. How long to get the look, possibly 3 visits or one long 5 hour session

4. Whether you will be able to manage this new look in the future and how to be realistic to maintain it.

5. How to look after the hairs’ condition and home haircare.

6. How much the service costs - we charge according to time it takes. An approx. guide is $120 per hour or $340 to $450 with custom recommended take home products.

I always educate clients into telling us when booking in that you want a change, as this allows us to book in sufficient consultation time prior to your service. With a great consultation we can guide you into going lighter or deeper. Hair colour needs to be adjusted with the ever-changing seasons, moods and "new life moments" - new jobs or careers, new partners, new babies or simply a fresh updated look!

Professional hair colour simply adds to your overall fashion identity and look. We see a varied clientele of real women and men that that really need to look like they are on the top of their game. Your hair reflects who you are! Un-kept, tired, dry hair says a lot about you...

Here is a list of services and what they mean, so that when you are ready for your colour transformation, you’ll know what to expect -

Colour correction - Changing the existing base colour or the overall colour, by stripping out with bleach in foils or correcting the actual base colour

Regrowth tint - Full permanent colour with lasting grey coverage

Gloss - A colour which enhances and adds colour or depth, or counteracts/ gets rid of unwanted yellow/orange-based colour

Micro foiling – Superfine highlights when sections of hair are foiled with bleach. The result is even colour that is controlled because its kept in individual foils. This takes a lot of time and meticulous foiling techniques

Back to back slices – Foiling from the nape of the head, sectioning every slice of hair

Balayage - Hand painted bleach that is applied to mid-lengths and ends. We need to be careful not to keep going over old bleach ends as it makes the hair severely dry

Foilayage - Combining classic foil highlighting with balayage between the hair sections. Use for colour correction or going lighter

Hope this helps your next professional colour!

Maria Ardino

Hair Director Ardino salon

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