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Have you ever wondered what your cheap shampoo is leaving behind?

As you can see, this is some serious build up!

This dramatic video was released by a Boston based hairdresser, and it shows what happens when product residue accumulates in your hair.

By using her scissors, the stylist scraped off the waxy residue.

“You guys. I took this video yesterday of my client. This is the result from years of using drugstore shampoo,” the stylist JORDAN DALEEN wrote on Instagram. “This is build up from waxes silicones and parabens. Silicone is almost like rubber or plastic and is used as a sealant against water and even air. It’s NOT a natural ingredient and its side effects are bad for our hair. It gives your hair the illusion of shine, but it’s not the shine we want,” she also said.

After the video went viral, more hairstylists posted videos online.

Before we go into details, the fact hat not all silicones are necessarily bad needs to be highlighted . To make it really simple, there are two main types of silicones, one is water soluble, the other one it is not. The waterproof type of silicone is the main subject of this article due to its effect on your hair.


The build up is only caused when the product contains certain kind of silicones, those

cheap drugstore shampoo and conditioner most likely contain non soluble silicones, and they can cause build ups even if the clients are not using hair spray or any other products.

“That was the result of using a very inexpensive shampoo,” Jordan states.. “A lot of those shampoos include dimethicone, which is a silicone that is not water-soluble. So that’s what most of that stuff is … all those waxes and silicones that are built up on the hair. When I’m shampooing someone’s hair or blow-drying it, I can literally feel the buildup.” Jordan also says.

Companies often add silicones to products to coat the hair and make it feel thicker and fuller, said Dr. Nicole Rogers, a Louisiana-based dermatologist who specialises in hair restoration.


To put in into context, non soluble silicones are used in beauty and hair products and they assist in smoothing and shining the hair, at least for a while...

What may sound good in the short term, it is actually an illusion.

Think of silicone as rubber, a plastic like material, in-fact silicones are used a sealant and as such they may prevent water and air to penetrate the hair, they also may not allow the moisture to penetrate the hair shaft.

As a matter of fact, silicones are hydrophobic, meaning they are basically waterproof, hence they do not wash out easily.

Have you ever noticed all of the smoke that comes out of your hair whilst you are blowdrying it? Well, that is heated silicone burning off the hair – it doesn't sound so good, doest it?


You may be wondering why are they even used? GOOD QUESTION, the straight answer is because they are CHEAP, allowing manufacturers to improve their bottom line with higher profit margin.

Furthermore, they make your hair look and feel amazing in the short run (I cannot stress this enough). When the hair is dry and damaged, silicones can give the illusion of a healthy looking hair, it also make the hair feel super slippery, which is perfect when detangling those knots we all get from time to time.

DO NOT BE DECEIVED, that comes at a cost.

What silicones ACTUALLY DO.

That shine and sleekness, comes at a price, and most of the time, the price is the health of your hair. Basically a layer of "plastic" (figuratively used) builds over the top of your mane. With time, the plastic coating eventually weight down your hair, basically taking the life out of your hair, one was at the time.

The coat does not allow the hair to breath and prevents them from getting the adequate nutrients they need. What once made your hair feel amazing, will basically make it dry and over time even brittle. If you using leave in treatments or masks alongside your silicones based products to compensate the side effect, that is most likely not helping either.

Silicones are very resilient and not easy to wash off.

say bye bye to your insta hair.

So you want to go lighter? Perhaps you just want to lighten your hair with few foils or some Balayage or why not trying a toner, it will help add some shine and depth, right?

WELL, not necessarily! Those supermarket products over an extensive period of time, may just be the cause why your hairdresser will not be able to help you achieve that Instagram-worthy hair.

Silicone coats the hair, that coat is like a barrier, which not only may contribute to kill your hair overtime, but also will make it harder for the bleach or colour to penetrate the hair. If that was not enough, the buildup might also create a chemical reaction which could lead to some damage.

Think about the colour having to penetrate an extra layer, this will likely result in quick fading colour if the desired result is even achieved.

Investing in a colouring service can be expensive, that is why it is as important to then invest in some quality home care, like PUREOLOGY or LABIOSTHETIQUE range.

UP YOUR HAIr game may just be what you need.

Do not worry, we are all guilty, those shiny bottles, promising luscious hair are tempting, and if occasionally used may not be that bad, think of them as cheat meal, if you do it once nothing is going to happen, however, if you keep doing it, over time you will get fat whit-out even realising it.

Now that you have some facts, here are some healthy meal, I meant products.



For dry, dehydrated, medium to thick hair. Great to achieve smoothness and a reinvigorating peppermint essence that will leave your hair and scalp smelling and feeling great


For those with bleached ends that feel super dry and damaged. it restructures the hair and repairs the damage.



Pure violet/platinum goodness in a bottle. This combo shampoo and conditioner will help you keep your hair healthy and will act as a toner/treatment for the best home maintenance for blondes.



Best for fine and frizzy hair. Super light that never weights down your hair. Premium ingredients that will nurture your hair and protect your colour.

HIdrating shampoo and con for coloured frizzy thick hair ro mosisture lacking, dryANGEL WASH coloured fine hair

ANTIFRIZZ for fine coloured frizzy hair

strenght cure bleachd our/ over coloured hair

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